What is a Monokini?

Fashionable swimsuits

In recent trends, swimsuit fashion has taken the world of clothing by storm. A once necessary item for fun in the sun when wanting to make a splash in a pool or at the beach, swimsuits have evolved throughout the years.

From limited styles in limited colours and designs, swimsuits have become an object high up in terms of personalized style. People can now buy swimsuits in an array of types, models, colours, designs, patterns and much more.

It can almost be said that no two swimsuits are alike. Many forms of swimsuits exist in this modern age. All of these different styles of swimsuits exist for the different types of purpose they are used for.

Some swimsuits types that many people are familiar with including one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, and swim trunks to name a few. However, one style of swimsuit that many people are not as familiar with is the stylish monokini.

So what exactly is a monokini?

What is a monokini?

a monokini is a highly fashionable type of swimsuit. a monokini takes its name from the word bikini as well as the prefix of mono. A bikini, as many people are aware of, is a swimsuit that consists of two separate pieces.

The swimsuit style that is a bikini is typically made for women. The upper part of a bikini covers the upper portion of women while the lower part of a bikini covers the bottom portion of a woman.

The prefix mono, on the other hand, means one. Therefore, mix these meanings and you get a monokini which is a bikini that has its upper portion and its lower portion attached in some way.

What does a monokini look like?

Due to the highly diverse world of fashion, a monokini can come in many different designs. However, the upper part of the swimsuit and the lower part of the swimsuit are always attached in one way.

This makes a monokini have the same feel as a one-piece swimsuit in that it is one piece of clothing. However, the difference between a monokini and a one-piece swimsuit is that a monokini reveals more of the stomach of the person who is wearing it.

This is in contrast to a one-piece swimsuit which usually does not show any stomach skin of the person who is wearing it.

Monokinis come in many different styles, some popular forms of monokinis include V-shaped straps, where the front portion of the swimsuit has its fabric form the letter V leaving a large space on the sides and for the neckline, lace ties, where the upper part of a bikini and the lower part of a bikini is tied together by a series of strings that require a bow to be made, and mid-section stripes, where the upper part of a bikini and the lower part of a bikini are attached with a long strip of fabric that runs down the middle of a persons stomach which leave a persons back exposed..

To add on, a monokini, like any other swimsuit on today's market, can come in any colour or pattern that could exist.

Regardless, whatever style a monokini might come in, this swimsuit is bound to be a hit in both the pool and on the runway!

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