Bandeau Bikinis, the swimsuit fashion of the year

Bandeau Bikinis Summer Fun

As summer comes around once again, the hot weather is welcomed with open arms. It’s time to have some fun in the sun. Whether it’s splashing around in the pool or swimming at a beach, no summer is complete without a dive into some cool water to escape the scorching heat. However, to enjoy this summer staple, a swimsuit is required.


Neon blue bandeau bikini

In today’s day and age, there are many different styles of swimsuits to choose from. Whatever swimsuit a person chooses is entirely up to them. This can depend on how revealing or conserving a swimsuit is. Choosing a swimsuit can also depend on what activity a person is going to do. For example, someone who wants to cover up their body or someone who wants to participate in lap swimming might choose a one-piece swimsuit This is because a one-piece swimsuit is suited for these needs. On the other hand, some people want to bask in the sun or want to show off their figure. In this case, these people might reach for a bikini. A bikini is a  two-piece‌  swimsuit worn by women that consists of a top that is separated from a bottom. Many different types of bikinis exist. Some bikini styles include square necks, push-ups, high waisted, high collars, and more. One of the most popular types of bikini, however, is the bandeau bikini.

What Is A Bandeau Bikini?

Leopard bandeau bikini

A bandeau bikini is a certain type of bikini. A bandeau bikini traditionally consists of a rectangular-shaped, strapless bikini top. However, over time, the world of fashion has expanded to create different styles of bandeau bikinis.

There are even neon bandeau or animal print bikini set‌ - all styles exist now!

Bandeau bikini with straps for sqaure-shaped neckline effect

For example, some bandeau bikinis include thin straps which give them a square-shaped neckline.

Trimmed bandeau bikini with push-up effect

Also, some bandeau bikinis have been trimmed to follow the outline of a woman’s breast which gives the same effect that a push-up bikini‌ bra would do.

Tied bandeau bikini

To add on, some bandeau bikini tops have excess fabric sewn onto the front of them to tie them up into a bow. Bandeau bikinis are very versatile as they can be paired with high waisted and low cut bikini bottoms.

Why Wear A Bandeau Bikini?

Neon pink bandeau bikini

Women love bandeau bikinis for many reasons. First off, a bandeau bikini can come in any colour. Also, a bandeau bikini can come in solid colours or detailed prints and designs. As a bandeau bikini is very revealing, they are the perfect bikini‌ style for anyone who wants to get a tan without also getting annoying tan lines. Many different stores sell bandeau bikinis and many different companies make bandeau bikinis.

Neon green high waisted bandeau bikini

Combine these two facts and this makes the bandeau bikini easy to find and purchase no matter where somebody lives or how much money they can spend. Considering this, bandeau bikinis are made in a wide range of sizes. Therefore, anyone can wear a bandeau bikini no matter what beautiful body type‌ they have. Since bandeau bikinis are tight, a person who is wearing them can swim freely knowing that their swimsuit won’t budge when in the water. Lastly, bandeau bikinis are thin, which allows them to easily be worn under light clothing if needed.

Take great Instagram bikini pictures wearing a bandeau bikini! Contact us to be featured in a future article, and let us know which one did you choose!

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