Underboob Bikinis - What Are They, And Which Style Is The Best For Me?

Underboob Bikinis - What Are They, And Which Style Is The Best For Me?

From reality TV shows to social media influencers, underboob bikini tops seem to be all we're seeing and hearing about. But what exactly are they? Keep reading to see examples of the infamously cheeky underboob bikini tops alongside a helpful list of pros and cons, to aid you in your summer bikini purchase.

Selection: Top 4 Best Underboob BikinisImagePriceRatingBuy
Classic cut-out underboob bikiniClassic cut-out underboob bikini$11.304.5
Flashy in neon-green, supportive underboob bikiniFlashy in neon-green, supportive underboob bikini$29.994.1
Pride underboob bikini top fit for a festivalPride underboob bikini top fit for a festival$25.374.7
White 'v-notch' underboob bikini White 'v-notch' underboob bikini$24.994.0

1. Classic cut-out underboob bikini

  • A chic design, this bikini top shows a cut-out semi-circle section of underboob, with tank top straps that won't cut into your shoulders
  • Shown here in black, but also available in white and burgundy, the classic range of colors means that there will be something to suit everyone
  • This bikini top is made from high-quality, stretchy and soft material, meaning that it will mould to your body shape
  • This underboob bikini is also wire-free, to ensure a comfortable wear
  • Made from a quick-dry material
  • At $11.64 this option is also budget-friendly
  • For those wanting to flaunt their entire underboob region, this bikini top is perhaps a little conservative
  • The muted color tones may not be ideal for beach or pool parties requiring bright and fun swimwear
  • The thong-style bikini bottoms may not be a comfortable choice for everybody

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2. Striking blue ribbed underboob bikini

  • This underboob bikini by brand YILEGOO, displayed here in royal blue, is also made with comfy tank top straps
  • This scoop-neck bikini comes in a range of exciting colors, from an eye-catching red to a soft light blue
  • The brighter choice of hues will ensure that you stand out at any poolside event
  • The ribbed material means that it won't be see-through once wet
  • At $12.13 this is an affordable option
  • The ribbed fabric used in this underboob bikini may result in longer drying times
  • The buckle at the back of the bikini top may be a challenge to unfasten compared to a tie-fasten bikini top
  • More coverage means fewer areas to tan!

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3. Revealing underboob bikini set with triangular design

  • This minimal-cover underboob bikini by CHICTRY ensures that you will have a larger surface area for tanning
  • Its risqué design is perfect for those that want to flaunt it!
  • This bikini comes in many colours and styles
  • At $4.85, it is the cheapest in the range
  • Due to the triangular cut-outs, this underboob bikini may lead to some unusual tan lines
  • It is only produced in One Size, which may be prohibitive for some body types and sizes
  • The thin straps have not been designed for comfort
  • The exposing style may not be suitable for a family day at the beach!

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4. Flashy in neon-green, supportive underboob bikini

  • This neon green Dixperfect underboob bikini set will be sure to brighten any pool party
  • Also comes in versatile black
  • The high-set thong bikini bottoms create a flattering shape
  • This set uses a stretchy material for a more tailored fit
  • The thick fabric provides more support
  • Priced at $44.03 to $48.66, this underboob bikini comes out at the most expensive set in our list by far
  • No padding support provided
  • This item may be more demanding to care for, the advice is to hand wash

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5. Fuchsia pink and royal blue micro-bikini

  • This vivid fuchsia pink and royal blue underboob bikini will steal the show at any beach club
  • Not only underboobs are proudly displayed in this mini design, but you can show off your sideboobs too!
  • The string-tie sides and back allow for easy fastening and adjusting
  • The streamlined design lets you show off those curves
  • The unique style, with the triangular shapes and blue outlines, will give you a fashionable edge at any event
  • The micro size of the bikini means more tanning area
  • At $15.18, its price is in the middle of the range
  • This bikini set only comes in one size, reportedly fitting 8-14, which is not inclusive of larger sizes
  • The underboob cut-out shapes may lead to some odd tanning patterns
  • Although the pricing is in the middle range, the minimal amount of fabric results in paying more for less material

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6. Girl-next-door ribbed underboob bikini in sky blue

  • This cute and flattering underboob bikini from ZAFUL has a pretty tie back and a flattering scoop shape revealing the underboobs
  • The sky blue color is perfect for summer
  • The bikini bottoms in this set provide more coverage than thong bottoms
  • Soft, stretchy, comfortable material
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for a customizable fit
  • More coverage in this set means less area for tanning
  • The ribbed fabric may mean a longer drying time
  • The cost range is $19.42 to $26.71, setting this underboob bikini's price above the average

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7. Tiny bow-design underboob bikini in black

  • This micro bikini in black with bow designs creates a mature and seductive swimwear look, for day or night
  • This barely-there bikini by brand iiniim creates underboob and sideboob for tanning on all sides
  • At $4.85, this is the joint-cheapest bikini on the list
  • Includes ties on the bikini top to fit multiple shapes and sizes
  • Comes in multiple bold colors for a confident look
  • The lack of material on the underboob bikini top may lead to slippage
  • This swimwear only comes in one size and the bottoms come up small, so unfortunately this will not fit everyone, which means it is not extremely inclusive of differing sizes

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8. Pride underboob bikini top fit for a festival

  • This bikini top as part of Roma Costume's Pride Collection is fun and flirty with underboob cut-outs
  • Great for a festival, this bikini has a colorful rainbow 'Love' design on the band
  • This underboob bikini's cute halter neck style is spot-on for Y2K and 90's fashion trends
  • This Pride bikini uses a shiny fabric for an eye-catching design
  • As it is hand-wash only, it would take more care and time to look after this underboob bikini top
  • At $37.75 - $38.35, this is one of the most expensive bikini tops in the range
  • This bikini doesn't include bikini bottoms, which would cost extra
  • As this swimwear uses a pull-on style of fastening, the size around the ribcage is not adjustable

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9. Ribbed spring-green bandeau underboob bikini

  • This YODNBUK underboob bikini is in a fresh spring-green color, with pretty ruffling around the edges - perfect for Spring and Summer
  • The top contains padding for a smooth-looking finish
  • The padding is removable, which is convenient if the shape or sizing needs to be changed
  • This swimsuit features a pretty tie back which fastens into a bow
  • Its natural tones and delicate design ties in with the current cottagecore trend
  • The underboob reveal is subtle for a more covered style
  • This bikini comes in a range of sizes, which is more inclusive of different body types
  • The ribbed fabric means that there is less risk of the swimwear becoming see-through
  • Washing by hand is recommended, and the bikini needs to be placed in a laundry bag if washed in the machine
  • The pull-on design is less modifiable, and potentially less practical
  • Priced at $12.13 - $27.77, this bikini is not the cheapest available
  • The ribbed material means that it will potentially take longer to dry

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10. White 'v-notch' underboob bikini

  • With a sporty and classic design, this ZAFUL underboob bikini shows that you can be both alluring and classy
  • The white color is neutral, providing versatility for multiple occasions - from a wholesome day at the beach to a poolside party
  • This bikini is available in a flattering array of colors, which would suit a variety of skin tones
  • The padding in the bra creates a nice shape and finish
  • The high-cut finish of the bottoms are on-trend and flattering, whilst also providing some cover for a more conservative look
  • The ribbed fabric means that there is less risk of the swimwear becoming see-through
  • Not made in as wide a range of sizes as other swimwear - only available in Small, Medium and Large
  • The pull-on design is less modifiable, and potentially less practical
  • Priced at $37.87 - $45.50, this is one of the most expensive of the underboob bikinis
  • The ribbed material means that it will potentially take longer to dry
  • This item of swimwear provides more coverage, which would mean there is less area available to tan

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In conclusion: The best underboob bikinis

Thank you for reading. I hope the list of underboob bikinis provided in this article has solved your underboob bikini questions and needs! Feel free to scroll through the images of a variety of swimwear for further inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the perfect underboob bikinis?
To choose the right one you need to consider many factors. Model, design, cut and material is very important. But if you do not want to spend a lot of time, then just read the above article.
How do I choose the right size for an underboob bikini to ensure comfort and style?
When choosing an underboob bikini, it's crucial to get a size that fits snugly without being too tight. The top should offer enough coverage to create the desired underboob effect while ensuring support. Always check size charts and consider adjustable designs for a perfect fit.

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