How to choose bikini for your body?

The question - how to choose bikini is quite multifaceted. There are many factors to consider in order to find the best solution.

Choose the perfect bikini

The question - how to choose bikini is quite multifaceted. There are many factors to consider in order to find the best solution.

When summer comes with the long-awaited heat and vacation time comes - the time when you want to sweep your worries away and at the same time look perfect, even if there was not enough time to get in shape for the beach season. Fortunately, the fashion industry is ready to save us from these frivolous experiences: guided by some rules when choosing a swimsuit, you can hide figure flaws and emphasize dignity. Beach outfits have long ceased to be divided only into separate and one-piece ones - many of their varieties have appeared, and comfort and the ability to feel confident are in the first place today.

Finding the perfect bikini can be a challenging task. With so many types of colors, prints, fabrics and models on the market, it can be difficult to find that piece that values (even more) the body.

Choose bikini for busty body

Prefer the bikini half-cup or with tie at the front, which enhance the lap and give support. Thick straps lighten the weight of full breasts. If you can't let go of the curtain, make sure to cover your bust well so that your breasts are not spread out.

Another option for those who like thin straps is the top with thick sides, which balance the weight distribution.

Choose bikini for small breasts body

The curtain bikini is the best friend of small breasts. The bulge and ripple models help to give a feeling of more volume. Hopefully, too, as long as it has a bulge - those who do not have a bulge devalue their breasts.

The cropped top are perfect bikini for valuing small busts. Drapes, ruffles, ruffles, fringes and embroidery give the idea of more volume. Abuse tops with bright colors and big prints.

Choose bikini for curvy body

The ideal bikini for this silhouette needs to have details that direct the look to the bust or the hip. V-neck swimsuits are ideal for creating a vertical line in the bust area and elongating the silhouette. Sunkinis (high waisted bikinis) and hot pants are also an option.

In order not to mark the tires and the side fat, take care that the parts are not tight. Avoid striking prints and prefer dark tones.

Choose bikini for athletic (muscular) body

Athletic bodies usually have little waist. Curtains, lace panties, swimsuits with cutouts and trims enhance the muscles and give the impression of a thin waist.

Avoid straight swimsuits. There are not many restrictions in this case and the size of the bust will determine which bikini is a perfect bikini.

Choose bikini for lean without belly body

For skinny women, the idea is to create the illusion of curves. In this case, the curtain bra is the most suitable and strapless swimsuits with side cutouts are also good choices.

Light colors, horizontal stripes and eye-catching prints are released on both the top and panties. Low-waisted panties value the flat stomach.

Choose bikini for narrow shoulders and large hips (triangle) body

To disguise the volume of the hips, try to use dark panties with wider sides, trying to highlight the top.

The bra can be printed or with textures (lace, ruffles, embroidery, etc.) to bring the focus of the look on the upper part of the body. Swimsuits don't usually go well.

Choose bikini for wide shoulders and little hips (inverted triangle body)

To balance the silhouette, which has shoulders wider than the hips, the bet should be on the lace panties, with applications, colors and vibrant prints, to draw more attention than the bra.

At the top, prefer dark, smooth pieces and models without a handle or hopefully it will fall.

Choose bikini for skinny with belly body

Panties with wide sides and pierced bikinis help to hide love handles. Sunflowers and hot pants also go well. Bow-tie panties should be avoided, as well as light colors, large prints and horizontal stripes.

Swimsuits with cutouts or deceive mommy value the silhouette and hide the tummy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific features should you look for in a bikini based on different body shapes?
Features include supportive tops and high-waisted bottoms for hourglass figures, ruffles or embellishments for petite frames, and balanced coverage for apple or pear shapes.

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