3 easy tips to get a beach body: exercise, feed, rest

How to get the beach body of your dreams?

For a long period we strive to train and diet to show off the perfect body during the summer on the beach, which is why consistency, dedication and will power are the essential elements to obtain effective results and wear a beautiful bikini that stands out each of our attributes.

For this we must maintain an exercise routine that allows us to lose weight and tone each muscle to be the focal point on the beach. As well as maintaining a good diet and rest so that the process of get a beach body‌ is more effective.

Physical transformations are not obtained overnight, however effort and dedication will result in a healthy and strong figure not only to look on the beach but to wear it throughout his life, so it is necessary to balance the three fundamental factors that are exercise, food and rest.

Exercises for a beach body

The exercise routine varies according to the need of the person, if you want to lose weight cardiovascular exercises must prevail for a long time, performing 30 minutes a day of cardio on  a treadmill‌  is enough to burn calories and strengthen the heart rate, then combine it with a routine of exercise in which each part of your body works, start without using weights or  fitness dumbbells‌  either on a  yoga mat‌  on the floor, or using a  fitness bench‌  especially with fitness weights, because you must first get used to your own weight, after a week or two begin to add weight to your routines or use  flat bands‌  to exercise more demanding and tone muscles.

However, if your goal is to tone your body, start doing demanding exercise routines for quick results. Work the key points to show off a beach body, which are abdomen, legs and glutes. These are the three basic points that a woman wants to wear in her bikini and make her look as natural and perfect as possible. Work with weights or  fitness dumbbells‌  that require you and motivate you to continue with your plan to get a beach body.

Another great exercise to perform at home that doesn't require much equipment is using a  fitness jump rope‌  to do skip rope, and, after a while, trade your rope for a  weighted jump rope‌  that will work on ever more of your muscles.

Feeding properly to stay in shape

Diet is the focal point for best results, the body requires water and energy to carry out each routine, therefore, a diet in which you eat 5 times a day to level blood sugar and provide more energy to the body.

The proportions should not be exaggerated, the idea of eating 5 times a day is to reduce the portions and accustom your body to the amounts it really needs.

Eat fruits, vegetables, natural juices, baked, grilled or steamed proteins; avoid consuming fried foods, carbonated drinks, sweets and liqueurs that are not part of healthy and balanced diet.

Try to procure them locally to ensure that they are fresh and of good quality. You can complement it with  diet powder‌  to vary your meals and keep your diet easier to stick to.

If you also train a lot, complementing your training with  protein powder‌  as part of the diet can also be a great way to work on keeping healthy muscles.

Getting enough rest for a healthy lifestyle

Finally, rest is as important as food and exercise, since without rest we will not have the energy necessary to carry out daily activities that require energy, which is why you must sleep early at night and turn off any electronic device that affects your dream.

To sleep comfortably and enough, make sure you have the right equipment:

Also look for the opportunity to take a nap of at least 30 minutes a day to renew the energy you need to face the rest of the day - especially true if you workout and work a lot.

Your beach body on demand

By following these steps the results will be noticeable in a short time, set a goal as you want to see yourself in your dream bikini with a perfect body and meet the requirements that allow you to get the beach body‌ that you want to wear so much.

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