Top 5 Beach Volleyball Bikinis

Bikini is one of the types of swimwear that is very popular in the modern world of fashion among women.

How the bikini appeared

This is a very long and interesting story - in the past, bikini did not have such wild popularity as it does now.

The idea for a mini swimsuit came to a fashion designer who saw the girls on the beach tuck their swimwear up for a more dramatic tan.

The very first bikini model was made from three pieces of fabric and straps, and the designer was counting on success. However, in those years, even a naked navel was considered unheard of insolence, so the first bikini model was quite skeptical. When there was little time left before the first show of this swimsuit model, it became obvious that no model would appear in front of the public in this form. Therefore, the first girl to appear in a bikini was a nineteen-year-old girl who worked as a dancer in the field of eroticism.

When was bikini invented? A short history

For the public, such a shocking trick caused not only bewilderment, but even anger, since in those years, moral qualities, including modesty, were highly valued among girls. Any vulgarity has become banned.

This is what happened with bikinis - in many countries this swimsuit was prohibited by law. If a girl still dared to appear in such a revealing outfit on the beach, she was simply not allowed in, sending her to change.

The Pope called wearing bikinis a terrible sin, so countries dominated by a religious denomination also banned bikinis. After a short time, the world learns about the first of its kind Miss World contest, in which the winner appears at the presentation of the crown in a revealing bikini. Many countries where the swimsuit was banned did not react very friendly - they explained that if this situation happens again, they will have to boycott the event in the future.

The very first violators of the ban were wealthy French women, who began to appear very actively on the beaches in bikinis. After a while, the swimsuit became popular among actresses. One actress came to the premiere of the film festival in a bikini, which instantly gathered a crowd of journalists and photographers around her. The rest realized that in this way you can also become famous, and the situation with the appearance of actresses at various events in bikinis increased several times.

In the sixties, the well-known sexual revolution began, which pushed people to make a choice and mass approval in favor of a bikini. In America, until recently, they tried to give up bikinis, but just like in the USSR, after the release of a couple of films with cult actresses who appeared in the frame in a bikini, a wave of new fashion swept these countries too.

In the nineties, there was a temporary decline in the demand for bikinis. In America, this was due to the fact that there was a belief that if you sunbathe in a bikini for a long time, there is a risk of skin cancer. However, everything quickly became, as it was before the nineties, the popularity of bikinis returned already to the zero years, and since then it has not faded anymore.

Modern society does not have any preconceived ideas about bikinis, since times and customs are no longer what they were before. Modern popular bikinis are made of three pieces of fabric with straps. To some extent, such a swimsuit can be considered a classic variation, since there is another well-known model. A swimsuit for more outspoken people is a special adhesive tape that is located on the genitals and nipples. This bikini allows you to get the most even and neat tan.

Bikini and Beach Volleyball

As in other cases, beach volleyball bikini also did not have popularity at first.

Beach volleyball in ancient times was not a popular sport, it was not taken as something serious. Simultaneously with beach volleyball, a bikini appeared - his fashion designer was sure that in such an outfit it would be most convenient for girls to play an active sports game, while looking attractive to others.

Where can you fly to play volleyball in bikini? Warsaw, Poland has great courts year round

After the first Olympic Games, which recognized beach volleyball, bikinis were also recognized as the official uniform for the sport. However, there are currently four types of uniforms allowed for the game:

  • Bikini is a classic option;
  • Longer swimsuit, this option is used in cooler weather;
  • Instead of a bikini - shorts and a regular T-shirt or T-shirt. This option can be chosen by those athletes who are not comfortable going to the game in a bikini;
  • A shape that completely covers the body, except for the feet and palms. This kind of uniform is suitable for women from Muslim countries. This made it possible to make this sport even more accessible for different categories of people.
High waisted bikinis for beach volleyball

Top 5 Beach Volleyball Bikinis

All the facts described above are applicable only for professional beach volleyball, but if we talk about an ordinary beach game, then there are no longer any rules for choosing a swimsuit.

For a regular game, you can choose a swimsuit of any tailoring and color. You can choose both a bright frank model and more modest tones.

Top 5 Beach Volleyball Swimwear:

1. A revealing bikini with ruched straps

A revealing bikini with gathered straps is one of the perfect options for playing beach volleyball. The color scheme was chosen very well - pink shades will help to emphasize femininity.

2. Blue bikini with rhinestones

A blue bikini with rhinestones - this model is ideal not only for playing volleyball, but also in order to attract the attention of others.

3. Bikini with floral print and tie back

A floral bikini with a tie at the back is a more modest option presented in this collection, but no less attractive and sexy. This was due to the well-chosen color scheme, as well as the ties at the back.

4. One-shoulder bikini with wavy edges

One-shoulder bikini with wavy edges - this swimsuit will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. It doesn't look quite like a bikini due to the non-standard tailoring of the model. However, this does not make it less sexy and attractive, does not restrict movement, which means it is ideal for playing beach volleyball.

5. Bikini in black and white plaid with flounces

Bikini in black and white check with flounces - the model looks unusual, literally like retro, and will be able to attract many fans.

Pros and cons of beach volleyball bikini

The bikini has a whole lot of advantages:

  • Nothing hinders movement during the game;
  • It turns out a fairly even and pretty tan;
  • Manages to attract the attention of the opposite sex;
  • Huge selection of models - modern fashion generously pampers bikini fans, a variety of new items in the bikini world appear every year.
Where can you fly to play volleyball in bikini? Kiev, Ukraine has summer beach clubs with beach volleyball courts

If we talk about the cons, then a bikini is not suitable for conservative people:

  • A bikini is too revealing a swimsuit. If a girl is not mentally ready to appear in such an outfit on the beach, but she did it anyway, because it is “fashionable”, there is a risk of earning uncertainty and even complexes;
  • Excessive attention from the opposite sex can sometimes be annoying and have no boundaries at all.
Neon one-piece swimsuits: another great beach volleyball clothing alternative

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best beach bikini?
There are no strict rules for choosing such a bikini. The main thing is your comfort. But in general, you can pay attention to the quality of the fabric, design and manufacturer.
How do beach volleyball bikinis differ from regular swimwear in terms of design and functionality?
Beach volleyball bikinis are designed for high mobility and stability. They often feature secure straps, reinforced stitching for durability, and quick-dry, breathable materials to provide comfort and support during rigorous activity.

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