Top 5 Bikinis For Cooking

The bikini has long and firmly entered modern fashion. A very wide assortment of this type of swimsuit is available in stores, and its use has a very wide area.

Bikini history

The first bikini was created 75 years ago - enough time has passed for the swimsuit to become firmly entrenched in fashion and become very popular among women. The first bikini models were produced under the slogan as the smallest swimwear in the world. The very idea of ​​a bikini appeared when famous fashion designers of those years saw that women on the beaches tucked their swimwear to get a better tan.

The first bikinis looked very radical, now this model is called classic. The top of the swimsuit consisted of two triangular pieces of fabric that covered the chest, and ropes that held it all together. The bottom of the leotard also consisted of two triangles of fabric and strings.

Difficulties with bikinis began at the very early stage of their appearance - before the first fashion show. Even in the modern world, such a swimsuit causes shock and indignation for many, what can we say about those times. Fashion designers could not find at least one model who would be ready to walk the catwalk in such a revealing outfit.

Nevertheless, the show took place. The first girl to appear on the podium in such an indecent form was a 19-year-old erotic dancer. The public was furious.

When was bikini invented? A short history

Public movement against bikini

In those days, morality ruled life, the majority tried to listen to the public. Therefore, with the advent of the bikini, it was banned in many countries. Even where such a bathing suit was not prohibited, girls were simply not allowed to the beach or pool.

It even touched on religion. The Pope has publicly stated that wearing a bikini is a terrible sin for a girl. Some time after this announcement, the first Miss World contest took place, in which the winner was awarded in a bikini. After that, many countries in which religion had a very strong lobby literally boycotted this competition.

Despite all the vicissitudes, wealthy French women saved the situation. Despite official bans and massive public censure, they were among the first to appear on the beaches in bikinis.

Still, bikinis managed to find their original niche. This type of mini swimsuit has become very popular among young actresses.

The very first actress to appear in a bikini at the film festival was Brigitte Bardot. Thanks to this trick, she was immediately surrounded by photographers, and she herself became very famous. Other actresses from different countries began to use this idea as well.

Bikinis have been the hardest hit in the United States. However, in this country, the situation was saved by Merlin Monroe, who in general built her whole image on light sexuality and flirting.

The whole epic with the ban on bikinis began to settle down by the sixties, at the dawn of the sexual revolution, and by 1962 the bikini was already more of a hackneyed topic than something unusual. In the same year, for the first time in the history of cinema, a scene with a girl emerging from the water in such a swimsuit appeared.

As for the USSR, bikini became popular there only in 1968. An important event was the release of the well-known film The Diamond Arm with Yuri Nikulin, in which one heroine appears in the frame in a bikini.

Bikini triumph over morality

The next ten years, bikinis did not go off the squeak of fashion for a single year. The most disastrous moment was the nineties. At that time, among American women, there was a widespread fear of developing skin cancer due to appearing on the beach under the scorching sun in such a swimsuit. However, everything returned to square one already by zero years.

Modern popular bikini models are three pieces of fabric, as well as transparent straps or strings. For completely outspoken people who want to get the maximum tan, a bikini with an adhesive base has been specially created. They are duct tape that sticks to the genitals and nipples. Therefore, what used to seem like something terrible, and was even prohibited at the legislative and state level, today is a typical routine.

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Bikini for cooking

Gold Clear Strappy Two Piece Swimsuit

It is worth saying that after the successful sexual revolution, bikinis now will not surprise anyone. Over time, this type of swimsuit has become popular not only on the beach, but also at home.

Swimwear Solid Color Adjustable Straps

This phenomenon is especially popular when a girl puts on a bikini while cooking. This allows her to attract the attention of her partner, and also allows her to show that she looks simply gorgeous, even when doing household chores.

High Cut Bikini

If for going to the beach, bikinis should be chosen as deliberately as possible - moralists are found even in our time, then for home use you can give free rein to imagination. A bikini for cooking can be of any tailoring, even the most outspoken, as well as any color scheme, from the most modest and inconspicuous to the most prominent.

Top 5 Women's Bikinis for Cooking

In fact, there are never many bikinis, every girl knows about it. It's all about the choice - it is important not only to choose a beautiful option, it is also important that it sits comfortably on the body and evokes confidence, not complexes.

1. Bikini with hook closure and adjustable straps

A bikini with a hook closure and adjustable straps is one of the options for buying a bikini for cooking. Not too frank, but at the same time pleasing to the eye.

2. White V-neck bikini in ribbed fabric

A white ribbed V-neck bikini is the best you can think of for this bikini category. This model also has adjustable straps, which transforms a simple bikini into a bikini with a comfortable fit.

3. Bikini in yellow and black tones with a light floral print

Bikini in yellow and black with a light floral print. A very popular bikini model, classified as retro.

4. Yellow bikini for large sizes

A yellow bikini for large sizes is also one of the hottest models today.

5. Three-piece bikini

Three-piece bikini with adjustable sheer straps.

Pros and cons of bikini

The bikini swimsuit model itself has a lot of negative reviews from those girls and women who simply did not try to wear it. Those who are not ashamed of themselves, as a rule, highlight the following advantages:

  • The beauty is simplicity - a swimsuit can have a very simple design, but at the same time, it will still catch the eye;
  • Nothing hinders movement - thanks to the simple design for sewing, the bikini can be suitable for both playing beach volleyball and cooking at home;
  • Attracting attention - not only male looks, but sometimes even female ones will definitely be drawn to a girl in a bikini;
  • Huge selection - due to the enduring popularity of bikinis, every year more and more interesting colors, prints and solutions of fashion designers appear.

The disadvantages include one single factor - the presence of people with high moral standards who literally consider it their duty to tell a girl in a bikini that she looks indecent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my man like me if I'm cooking in bikini?
Of course, your man will be delighted with you and your food if you do it in a bikini. This will give you the opportunity to refresh your relationship and add vivid emotions.
Are there specific materials or designs recommended for bikinis used during cooking?
For cooking, opt for bikinis made from natural, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Designs with minimal frills and secure fastenings are preferable to prevent any accidental entanglements or exposure to heat sources.

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