Best tampons for swimming

It has happened to many of us that we plan a day at the pool or beach with our friends and just that day our period arrives. Well, we tell you that you should not worry about that and you can enjoy your day as if nothing were using tampons, which allows you to dive without any risk of causing spots in your bikini or bleeding in the water. So don't be embarrassed as we bring you the best tampons for swimming.

What are tampons?

Tampons are a hygiene article for women when they have their period, they have the same purpose as sanitary napkins and menstrual cups, which is to absorb the flow of blood through its absorbent fibers and avoid any stain on our underwear, bikinis and sets. That is why we bring you the best tampons for swimming.

Why a tampon for swimming?

Tampons are the number 1 item for surfers, biologists, and aquatic athletes since they provide comfort to women to carry out any movement. There are many advantages to using tampons for swimming; the tampons adjust to your intimate area, you must change it every 4-5 hours, some brands of tampons bring small pockets where you insert your fingers and allow the tampon to fit more easily in the entrance of the vagina, there are also brands that present in Its structure is an applicator that makes it easier to insert the tampon and finally, there are the traditional tampons that do not have applicators for inserting it. Therefore we recommend the best swimming tampons.

In this article, we bring you the 4 best brands of swimming tampons, all of these you can easily locate in pharmacies, beauty shops, and online platforms without leaving your home.

MARK NUMBER 1) Tampax Compak:

This brand is the best of all and you can find it in any store, this brand especially the compact edition is made up of an applicator, which will facilitate insertion of the tampon into your V zone; It is also compact and you will feel that you are not wearing it, allowing mobility in the water perfectly.

MARK NUMBER 2) Always Platinum Collection tampons:

This collection comes in two presentations: regular absorption and super absorption; designed for those girls and women in which their menstrual cycle is usually more abundant or regular. This edition of always has a plastic applicator that will make it easier to fit the tampon into the vaginal entrance.

MARK NUMBER 3) Super Kotex Digital Tampons:

Kotex tampons offer maximum protection and greater movement for swimming; its digital system allows us to turn and open more quickly and easily for the introduction of the tampon in the genital area. This edition does not have an applicator and its Blue Protection technology allows maximum absorption and keeps you comfortable in the pool or beach.

MARK NUMBER 4) ob- Pro Comfort Super:

These are a brand of compact tampons with environmental sensitivity since they do not have an applicator for their introduction, however, this type of tampon has pockets in which you insert your fingers and allow inserting the tampon into your V zone without any complications.

Choosing the right tampon for swimming

Remember that there is always a solution to enjoy a day at the beach or pool with your friends, so don't worry, buy any of these tampons and I assure you that your day at the pool or beach will be the best of all. There are no limitations, we give you the best solutions and tips to keep you up to date and feel comfortable and confident in yourself.

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