Can Your Shrink Swimsuit Bottoms?

Can Your Shrink Swimsuit Bottoms?

We've all been there. You bought that totally adorbs swim set, but the fit isn't quite right. That's to be expected, as no swimsuit is perfect. Can you shrink swimsuit bottoms?

It makes sense enough, just as you would shrink a pair of pants in the wash, is it possible to do the same with a swimsuit? The answer is yes and no, but you might opt for these other tips and tricks instead. With these ideas in mind, you can order the best suits online without having to worry about the fit.

How to Shrink that Swimuit

Shrinking is totally possible, but it might take a little bit of effort. Take your swimsuit (top or bottom, whichever you want to shrink) and immerse it in near boiling water.

You should do this by hand, rather than chucking it in the wash. Once you've let the suit sit for a bit and it's safe to handle, gently squeeze the suit together and compress all those fibers. You're probably familiar with the feeling that your swimsuit has shrunk when you enter the pool.

It does in fact shrink, but the difference here is that the hot water will set the fibers so that the suit doesn't stretch back out. If you're interested in making your suit bigger, you can apply the same concept and stretch the suit instead.

Alternative Options

Okay, maybe your swimsuit bottoms are big--really big. No worries. There's some tricks for that too. A little warning though, you'll have to break out those crafting scissors.

If you're dealing with a traditional string-tied bikini, you can make some small cuts to make those strings longer and tie it tighter. If don't have strings on your bottoms, make 'em! It's surprisingly easy.

Make small cuts on either sides of your hip (take your swimsuit off first though, duh) and cut the waistband just far enough so that you have strings. When you tie the strings together, it will gather all that excess fabric and be a tighter fit. Plus, no one will be the wiser.

User Error

If you're stuck wondering can you shrink swimsuit bottoms? then you might want to take a step back and reevaluate how they lay on your body. A common pitfall is not wearing the bottoms correctly.

A lot of swimsuit bottoms today are meant to be high waisted. If you don't pull them up far enough, you'll wind up with excess fabric and wrinkles. Just be careful if your swimsuit isn't meant to be high waisted-- it's usually not a good look.

SOS- Save Our Swimsuit!

So, can you shrink swimsuit bottoms? The answer is yes! With a little elbow grease, you can restore your suit to full working order. Before you go making any cuts, try using the hot water method first.

We told you tips on how to shrink bikini. Now you can not worry and enjoy the beach season. Because you and your bikini swimsuit will always be ready.

Women of fashion often pay attention to the design and style of a swimsuit, although the right size is much more important.

You might have to try it multiple times to really see a difference. It's self explanatory that once you make a cut, you can't go back. What tricks worked best for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are effective methods to slightly shrink swimsuit bottoms for a better fit, and what precautions should be taken?
Methods include using warm water and a gentle dryer setting. Precautions involve avoiding excessive heat to prevent damage to the fabric's elasticity and color.

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