How to Recycle Swimwear

How to Recycle Swimwear

When the weather starts to warm up, one of the first things many people do is break out their swimwear. But what happens when you're done with your swimsuit? Can you recycle swimwear?

The answer is it depends. Most swimsuits are made from polyester and spandex, which can technically be recycled. However, the synthetic materials they're made from won't break down the same way natural fibers will. That means that the swimwear can't be recycled into new clothing. Below are a few tips on how to recycle swimwear.

1. Donate to a clothing recycling program

One option for recycling swimwear is to donate it to a clothing recycling program. These programs take swimwear and other clothing items and break them into their fibers, which can then be used to make new clothing and other textile products. Most people don't realize that clothing recycling programs exist, so you may have to research to find one in your area. Ensure that, before you donate, the recycling program is reputable and has a good track record.

2. Recycle into new swimwear

Another option for recycling swimwear is to recycle it into new swimwear. There are a few different ways to do this. One option is to cut up your old swimsuit and use the fabric to make a new one. That is a great way to upcycle your swimwear and create something new and unique. Many people also use old swimsuits to make swimsuit coverups, which is a great way to get more use out of them. The latest piece doesn't have to be a swimsuit; it can be anything you want. Get creative and see what you can come up with on your own.

3. Repurpose into other items

If you're not interested in recycling your swimwear into new clothing, there are still plenty of other ways to repurpose it. One popular option is to cut up your swimsuit and turn it into a cute new headband or bandana. You can also use swimsuit fabric to make a colorful new purse or beach bag. Another way to repurpose swimwear is to use it as stuffing for pillows or stuffed animals. Bikinis can also be cut up and used as decoration, such as by turning them into wall hangings or other types of art.

4. Use it as a cleaning cloth

You can also repurpose it as a cleaning cloth. Cut up your swimsuit into small squares and use them as cleaning clothes around the house. They're great for dusting and polishing furniture and are much more absorbent than paper towels. They also, of course, work great as washcloths. You can even use them to clean your car, and they're so absorbent that they're great for wiping down wet surfaces.

5. Give it to a friend

If you're not interested in other options on this list, you can always give your old swimsuit to a friend. That is a great way to ensure it gets used and doesn't end up in landfills. If you have a friend who's a similar size to you, they may be able to wear it as-is. If not, they can always use it as a pattern to make a new swimsuit that fits them better.

6. Compost it

If you're unsure what to do with your old swimwear, you can always compost it. This is an excellent option if the swimwear is made from natural fibers, such as cotton.

Cut it into small pieces to compost your swimwear and add them to your compost bin. It will eventually break down and turn into nutrient-rich soil that can be used to nourish your plants.

7. Donate to a charity

You don't want to keep your swimwear or recycle it? You have the option to donate it to a charity. Many charities accept swimwear donations, which can be given to needy people and ensure that this swimwear doesn't go to waste. Charity shops are always looking for good-quality clothes donations, so this is an excellent option if you want to declutter your wardrobe and do some good at the time.


Recycling your swimwear is a great way to give it a new life and reduce your impact on the environment. With the different options available, there's sure to be a recycling solution that's right for you. So, the next time you're ready to get rid of an old swimsuit, consider recycling it. It's a great way to be environmentally friendly and give your swimwear a second life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good idea to compost my old swimsuit?
Yes, it's a good way to recycle swimwear as it's very eco-friendly. And your old bathing suit will be useful to you again.
What creative projects can I undertake with old swimwear?
Old swimwear can be repurposed into hair accessories, such as headbands or scrunchies. You can also use the fabric for patchwork in quilts or as material for small DIY pouches or bags. For those with sewing skills, transforming swimwear into doll clothes or unique art pieces are other creative options.

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