Do the hygienic liners for swimwear protect you from disease?

Do the hygienic liners for swimwear protect you from disease?

It is a reality that when acquiring a swimsuit, we seek to try on the swimsuit to ensure that its design and pattern fits us perfectly and highlights our tan skin tone and our figure for which we have worked for a long time to through diets and exercises.

Swimsuit labels

We usually observe that the bottom of the swimsuit has a plastic label with the following description: “For Hygiene Purposes, Please Keep Your Underwear on While Trying on This Garment. Remove Only After Purchase ”; in which we usually think that this simple label will protect us from any infection, but this is not true, which is why the indication that experts must follow to the letter is to try on your bikini with your underwear on, in this case, the panties.

Because the hygienic liners for swimwear and even the bathing suits themselves can contain germs by the machinery that manufactures them, as well as cases of women who avoid the indications and try on the bathing suits without using the intimate clothing, which can leave skin bacteria, germs, dirt, bacteria from the fecal and even respiratory and vaginal organisms in which we can include fungi.

The main purpose of panty liners for swimsuits is the same as regular panty liners - to absorb vaginal secretions. Can also be used during menstruation: with a small amount of discharge and as an additional means of protecting underwear when wearing a tampon or menstrual cup.

Remember the main rule: You need to change the panty liner every 3-4 hours. The longer you keep the pad on, the less useful it will be. If you do not change the gasket for 6 or more hours, you can significantly harm the body.

Swimsuits return policies

There is very specific return policies when it comes to bikinis and we mention the instruction that if there is a return the hygienic lining of the swimsuit must be intact, this measure is to provide greater security and hygiene to potential customers who interested in the same swimsuit.

Avoid an infection!

It is better to avoid an infection in our V zone, therefore consider the following indications when purchasing a bikini either in a store or virtually.

1 - wear underwear when trying on

The first indication is that you should always wear your underwear when trying on your bathing suits, so you will avoid getting bacteria, viruses, and germs in case another woman or teenager ignored this indication.

2 - wash hands after trying

The second indication is that at the end of the test and purchase of the swimsuit, you go to a toilet and wash your hands very well, remember that when handling the bikini with your hands you can scrub your face or other areas of your body, thus spreading dirt or germs from the bikini you tried on earlier.

3 - wash yourself once home

The third indication is that you should wash your intimate area when you get home or to the hotel because it is better to avoid possible infection of the V area.

4 - wash swimsuit after buying

The fourth and final indication is that you have to wash the swimsuit that you have bought, in which you remove the hygienic lining of the swimsuit and proceed to wash it gently to extend the life of your swimsuit.

How To Wash Your Swimsuit

And finally... always carry an antibacterial with you

These four indications will make your experience when buying swimsuits unique, since you will avoid any danger of contagion in your V zone, always keep in mind the specifications in the physical and virtual stores; Enjoy highlighting your figure with the preferred swimsuit.

That is why you should always keep an antibacterial in your wallet in case you do not get a toilet nearby to wash your hands since we usually touch different things and even clean our faces without taking into account the presence of other organisms in our hands. for the simple fact of trying on a swimsuit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are hygienic liners in swimwear at preventing diseases, and what additional precautions should be taken?
Hygienic liners provide a basic level of protection against surface germs. Additional precautions include washing new swimwear before use and maintaining personal hygiene.

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