What's The Best Way to Wash Your Swimsuit?

What's The Best Way to Wash Your Swimsuit?

During the hottest months of summer, the best way to cool off is to go swimming. Choosing a flattering and comfortable swimsuit is often a challenge. Swimsuits are also often expensive, so once we buy a swimsuit, it follows that we would want to keep it in good condition. Chlorine, sunscreen, sand, and high temperatures can wear down the fabric of even the nicest swimsuit. It’s therefore important to know the best ways to keep our swimsuits clean and in excellent shape.

One of the fabrics in most swimsuits is spandex. Spandex can be damaged when it is in contact with sweat and other substances found in our skin. Those substances can change the ability of the swimsuit to expand. Another problem that can affect swimsuits is that chlorine can change the color of the cloth. If the swimsuit is washed soon enough, this can be prevented.

Some people opt for washing their bathing swimsuits in a washing machine. This is less than ideal but can be safely done by placing it in a mesh bag, using a very mild detergent, and using the delicates cycle. A International swimwear manufacturer ProSwimwear advises that a typical wash cycle can damage the fabric of most swimwear. However, modern swimwear designers are now devising certain versions of a bathing swimsuit specifically designed to be washed by machine.

Hand wash

For the most part, the best way to wash a swimsuit is still to wash it by hand. The first step is to rinse the swimsuit. Although you can rinse it quickly and still clean it effectively, if possible you should let the swimsuit rest in the water for half an hour. This is the best way to remove the chemicals, salt, and sand from the swimsuit.

There are different opinions as to which temperature should be used for rinsing and washing. Checking the label of the swimsuit should tell you which temperature would be best for your swimsuit.

Although rinsing can eliminate many of the chemicals which could damage your swimsuit, it isn’t able to get rid of all the chlorine and/or salt. Once the original water has drained, you can fill the sink again. You will next need a mild detergent, and a little plain shampoo is a good substitute. Another choice would be to use half a cup of baking soda. This is said to preserve the brightness of the fabric color. Put the detergent or baking soda in the water. Then, turn your swimsuit inside out. After you’ve done this you can gently place the entire swimsuit into the detergent-infused water. Swish the swimsuit in the water for a few minutes; then, drain the water. Once the water has drained you can run cold water over the swimsuit to rinse it clean. Squeeze the swimsuit to help express the soap and water from the bathing suit.

Getting rid of stains

If your swimsuit has a stain, this would be another reason to use baking soda to wash it. Creating a paste out of baking soda and water, and applying this to the stain has been said to easily and safely remove stains.

When there is no more soap in the swimsuit, continue to squeeze the swimsuit to remove as much water as possible. This will help the swimsuit dry more quickly. Don’t wring the swimsuit; just squeeze it gently. Wringing the swimsuit can cause the fabric to break down.

Drying the swimsuit

The best way to dry the swimsuit is to use air drying. Use a drying rack, and spread the swimsuit out over the rack. Make sure the rack is in a place where it won’t be subjected to sunlight. This is because UV rays from the sun can also cause damage to the fabric of the swimsuit.

Storing swimsuits

Once the swimsuit is dry, you need to find the best and safest place to store it. You can’t hang it up; that might stretch it out. This is another time to lay the swimsuit flat and to keep it in a clean, dry place. At the end of the swimming season, you will want to place your bathing swimsuit in a fabric garment bag. Using a plastic garment bag is not a good choice; plastic might cause moisture to build up in the swimsuit. Moisture could then cause mildew, and that would thwart your best efforts to keep your bathing swimsuit in good condition

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to dry your swimsuit properly?
If you know the best way to wash your a swimsuit, you need to dry your swimsuit properly to get the best results.
Is it safe to use a washing machine for swimsuits, and if so, what are the best settings?
While hand washing is generally recommended, you can use a washing machine for swimsuits if necessary. Use a gentle cycle, cold water, and a mild detergent. Place the swimsuit in a mesh laundry bag to prevent stretching or snagging. Avoid using fabric softeners and high heat.

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