Bikini fashion – how to choose the right bikini?

The air temperature has fixed at a fairly high level, which means that summer is on the street and it is already possible to open the beach season. The first question that arises is the choice of a swimsuit from the trends and the choice of a model that is right for you.

In summer, there is no difference between outerwear and underwear.

The choice of swimwear is enormous, as designers offer us millions of shades and models. Every season, trends change and are replenished with more and more new models. But we can say with confidence that bikini fashion is eternal. So how do you make the right choice if there are different types of bikinis?

We all want to look perfect in a bikini. But, unfortunately, not every girl has the ideal body shape.

Do not worry! There are different types of bikini for everybody. You just need to choose the right one, which suits your body type.

But first, a few fun-facts about bikini

Bikini has an interesting history!

After WW2, the US army was testing a new atomic bomb in the Pacific Ocean island named Bikini. At the same time, Louis Réard, a French who owned an underwear store, decided to promote his new product - a tiny two-part swimsuit. This type of swimsuit was reviling the navel, which was, sort of scandalous, at the time.

It was, also the revolutionary type of clothing, because women were not reviling their navels before! Réard even had trouble to find the model who was liberal enough to wear such a swimsuit. Since no one wanted to wear it, Réard had to hire a stripper for this job.

Réard wanted for this event to explode in public, like an atom bomb, so he called this unusual swimwear bikini.

How to choose the right bikini for you?

If you are athletic body type, then you have to get a bikini, which will visually expand your chest and hips. The best would be to choose a top with frill. Bikini top can also be with some tuffs, lines, flowers or any other colourfull material design. Designs like this will make your breasts visually bigger.

As for bikini bottoms, choose the model, that ties to the hips side. It will make your hips a little wider. With this kind of bikini, you will accomplish the hourglass body effect, which represents the perfect body shape. If you wish for your booty to be a little bigger, then choose bikini bottoms with some fun print or with brighter colores.

Pear body shape includes wide hips and small shoulders. So in this case, choose V shape top, or so-called triangle top. This kind of bikini will visually extend your shoulders.

The bottom has to be without any details, and in one colour. Black would be the best. High waist bikini bottom is also an excellent choice. Girls who have a pear-shaped body, usually have a thinner waist, which is their ally. High waist bikini bottom will accentuate your waistline, and you will have the perfect beach look.

If you have broad shoulders and small hips, that could be a problem. So, in this case, the rules are opposite from pear body shape. It means that you can choose simple, one colour round top, without any details like a frill, ribbons, etc. You should leave details like this for your bikini bottom. This details will expand your hips, and reduce the difference between hips and shoulders.

Girls with a bigger belly can choose one-coloured bikini, without any specific details. Most women with a bigger belly also have bigger breasts. Choose a swimsuit top that will highlight them. Make sure you keep your back straight, then your stomach won't look so big.

If you have trouble with bigger belly, you can also consider one-piece swimsuit! This model will visually shrink your stomach. It can also help you to lose some stomach weight. Since this is a tight type of close, in combination with physical activity, such as swimming, it's helping you to shrink your stomach weight.

The bottom line

New bikini fashion is not so complicated, and the most important is to choose a model that will emphasize your body structure.

After having found the right type of swimwear, the type of bikini top, selected the bikini bottoms and having chosen if you are gonna wear one-piece swimwsuits or two-piece, do not worry much about bikini fashion in regards of the current color and pattern, as these tend to change often.

Currently, beach fashion is all about trendy bathing suits 2024 neon one piece swimsuit and neon bikinis, while a year ago, it was all about leopard print bikini and cheetah print bikini, but these tend to change fast.

The best advice is yet to have several swimswuits that you can wear according to how you feel and where you are going, and even do not hesitate to take another one with you where you are going, and eventually change it during the day if it doesn't feel fashionable enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key fashion elements to consider when choosing a bikini to stay on-trend and flatter your body type?
Key fashion elements include current trends like retro styles or animal prints, selecting colors and patterns that complement skin tone, and choosing cuts that flatter your body shape for confidence and style.

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