Bikini wash in 6 simple steps

Bikini wash in 6 simple steps

We all have that dream bikini, the one that highlights your figure perfectly and you want it to never stretch and fade; That is why in this article we bring you simple steps to extend the life of your bikini and enjoy it during the summer season and on occasions that merit it.

how to wash bikinis?

Whether you decide to wash your swimsuit by hand or in the washing machine, always choose low temperatures (up to 30 degrees). Use only cold, clean water to rinse your swimsuit. No need to pre-soak your bathing suit and do not brush the delicate fabric.

To prolong the life of a swimsuit, it should be washed at a temperature not exceeding 35 degrees. Ordinary models can simply be put in the washing machine, and underwired swimsuits are washed only in a special bag. For washing, detergents intended for synthetic fabrics are used.

STEP 1) Rinse in freshwater

The first step is to rinse your bikini in freshwater after each use to remove traces of oils, sunscreen, and chlorine. Even a simple act is to enter the shower of your room and thus easily rinse your bikini.

STEP 2) Wash manually with soap

Then you proceed to wash manually with a mild soap, preferably a hand soap; In case you do not have a laundry at your disposal and you will rub gently to remove any type of impurity. If you get a laundry nearby, you should keep in mind that you have to place your bikini in a mesh-style bag to prevent the washing machine from stretching or breaking your dream bikini; selecting the delicate cycle and cold water to maintain the state of the Spandex and the design of your bikini, thus avoiding discoloration.

STEP 3) Squeeze gently

Finally and after performing a good bikini wash, gently squeeze your bikini, you can not get excited to squeeze them so hard because you can stretch your bikini; After removing excess water, spread the bikini on a towel to absorb moisture from the bikini and place it in a cool environment and where there is shade to extend the life of your bikini and thus do not weaken the Spandex by the sun's radiation.

We all want our bikini to last for many years and more if it is the one that attracts all eyes because it looks fantastic; Apart from the 3 essential steps that we explained previously, we have one step that you should not apply and another 2 steps that you should perform in the bikini wash.

STEP 4) Avoid chlorine

Do not apply liquid chlorine because you discolor your bikini and the print that you have been looking for so much will be lost.

STEP 5) Remove stains with toothbrush

If your bikini has a stain of food or drink, do not scratch the stain if it is already dry, one way to remove that stain is to use a toothbrush with soft bristles until the stain is removed. Another method is to use a washcloth with hand soap and gently rub until you remove the stain from your bikini.

STEP 6) Remove excess sand

This usually happens every time we go to the beach and it is that the sand stays between your bikini, the simplest thing you can do is wait for your bikini to dry completely and with the help of a hairdryer, remove excess sand, remembering to do it in a cool environment so that the dryer does not damage your bikini.

The recipe to keep your bikinis longer

After washing the bikini and drying it, you can use it again since its drying is fast and you will continue to attract looks and everyone will think that it is a new bikini because you applied the correct techniques for bikini wash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the six steps to effectively and safely wash a bikini to maintain its shape and color?
The steps include hand washing in cold water with mild detergent, gently squeezing out water (no wringing), rinsing thoroughly, drying flat in shade, avoiding direct sunlight, and storing properly once completely dry.

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