Floralkini Swimwear Reviews: What Are Their Best Swimsuits?

Floralkini Swimwear Reviews: What Are Their Best Swimsuits?

If you were to choose out of the four seasons namely winter, spring, summer and fall (autumn) which do you like most? If you're leaning towards summer then this article might be right up your alley. There are multiple reasons why people love summer and most of them would answer that it's because of the delightful activities and recreation that they tend to have during these months. Some of these activities include hiking hills or mountains, taking a road trip or arranging a picnic at the park with your family and friends.

The list goes on and on. But what's a more fun way to enjoy the summer than to go to the nearest beach? Lucky for you we have collated and reviewed some of the best swimsuits Floralkini has to offer! Then you won't need to torment yourself on what to wear during your anticipated summer vacation! You could share this with your friends too!

Just a brief background before we delve into them though, Floralkini is an online clothing brand that sells an awesome collection of trending swimwear, accessories, shoes and more. They guarantee high quality on each product that they sell on their site, they have helpful customer service and last but not the least, they value your privacy.

So without further ado, here are Floralkini swimwear reviews you should definitely check out:

1. Leopard Bikini

If you're one of those who are fond of wearing animal prints, then you should totally avail this leopard bikini. It has underwire support, removable cups, adjustable straps and the design style is a balconette top. It gives off a daring vibe that no one could be able to resist. A leopard motif or pattern symbolizes independence, confidence and power.

Pros and cons of wearing this type of swimwear:

  • The wearer would look and feel sexy with the design and print. She would feel a primeval connection with it because it also signifies being resilient and fierce.
  • It offers great support for the bosom or chestal area.
  • The design is flattering for all skin tones. Anyone can wear them as long as they're unafraid to expose some skin.
  • Women who doesn't like showing too much skin should probably choose another type of bikini.
  • Its only for those who are brave and adventurous enough to wear them.
  • Its target market might be for mature women only.

If we were to score it from 1 to 5, it's a 3

★★★☆☆ Floralkini Leopard Underwire Bikini Owing to the fact that it has limited target consumers. However, it still has great characteristics so it deserves to be on this list. Any woman who would like to wear this type off bikini must be oozing with confidence to give justice to it. If not, they could still work on it. We understand that sometimes it takes time to feel comfortable with what you're wearing and we don't wanna ruin your sense of style.

2. White V-neck Belted One Piece Swimsuit

Say hello to one of the timeless one piece swimsuit that Floralkini has on their catalogue. It is available on 3 sizes. It has self-belt at waist, high-cut leg design, adjustable straps, darts at bust, backless back and removable cups. The swimsuit is available on color white and we believe that it's perfect because white represents cleanliness, peacefulness and a sense of purity.

Pros and cons of wearing this type of swimwear:

  • It gives off a classic look and vibe to the wearer. The belt can accentuate thee curves.
  • The design and color is timeless. White clothing will never fail anyone.
  • It is not too short nor too revealing. If you're on the conservative side, you would undoubtedly love this!
  • Not all body types can accommodate this kind of swimsuit.
  • Some might think that one piece swimsuits would make them look like a kid.
  • Women often find wearing one piece swimsuits like this one a bit plain and boring.
★★★★★ Floralkini White V-neck Belted One Piece Swimsuit Having at least one of the classic one-piece swimsuit is a must for every women's wardrobe. It's like having that little black dress handy whenever you need it. You could never go wrong wearing this one and if we were to score it, it deserves a big old 5 no matter what others might say about it being plain, its simplicity is its own charm.

3. Light Blue Floral Smocked Ruffle Trim Swimwear

Floral prints have always been trendy and every lady should have at least one floral swimsuit in their wardrobe. This swimwear has bandeau style tube top, floral print, ruffle trim, scrunchie construction, removable cups, adjustable straps and removable straps. The light blue pigment is a calming and peaceful color. It indicates reliability and trustworthiness. So for those who are aiming to look reliable and trustworthy, don't have second thoughts and buy this one right away!

Pros of wearing this type of swimwear:

  • It features fun and interesting floral patterns. This would absolutely be the favorite of those who are young and young at hearts.
  • The bottom of this bikini provides nice and full coverage because of its high-waisted fit.
  • The material used in this swimsuit is high quality (like all other items on this list.)
  • It might not be the appropriate swimwear if you're into beach sports.
  • The design might only be applicable to younger consumers.
  • The fabric isn't suitable for too much water activities.
★★★★☆ Floralkini Light Blue Floral Smocked Ruffle Trim Bandeau Bikini  If the wearer's goal is to lounge around and do light swimming, then this swimwear is definitely a 4 out of 5. However, please be advised that if you intend to do rigorous water sports, it is much better to choose a one-piece swimsuit for greater support and coverage. You don't wanna end up embarrassing yourself in front of other people if the top comes off while you're playing beach volleyball, right? Although there's a strap that you could attach to the swimsuit, it is better to be safe than sorry.

4. Black Cross Halter Cut Out O-Ring Belt One Piece Swimsuit

Another one piece swimsuit on the list that would surely make the ladies click the add to cart button is this black cross halter cut out o-ring belt swimwear! Black looks slimming to everyone so it's a good choice of color. Plus the design is very adorable and unique at the same time. It has halter strap that ties around the neck, O-ring belt at waist, open back, removable cups, high-leg cut design and moderate coverage.

Pros and cons of wearing this type of swimwear:

  • It has a stunning appeal that can give the wearer a sexy look.
  • The unique design makes it look sophisticated. Halter one piece swimsuits are a rare find so if you were able to discover a shop that sells one you should immediately check out if they have one for your size.
  • The wearer doesn't have to worry how active she can get when she wears it because it certainly won't slip off or wash onshore.
  • The wearer can't show off too much of her bikini body that she worked hard for. It's such a shame if you won't be able to flex that toned body of yours!
  • Going to the bathroom to tinkle won't be as easy if you're wearing a one piece swimsuit. Unlike a two piece swimsuit, wearing one piece means removing everything in order to do your business in the bathroom.
  • Wearing this swimsuit might not provide the ladies a good tan line. According to www.swimsuitsdirect.com, the triangle bikini top is the best option when it comes to having great tan lines.
★★★★★ Floralkini Black Cross Halter Cut Out O-Ring Belt One Piece Swimsuit We're still giving this swimsuit a 5 out of 5 despite some of the minor struggles that a one-piece swimsuit can give the wearer because we believe that the support, coverage and design is absolutely worth it. Looking at the bigger picture, availing this swimwear would be a win to a lady's closet!

5. Yellow Striped Bikini

From animal prints to floral prints, ladies shouldn't miss out on stripe bikini patterns as well! This yellow striped bikini is just the right swimsuit for someone who wants to emanate happiness, optimism and sunshine! Just seeing the color would surely enliven and energize the wearer and those people around her. The bikini has yellow & white striped print, triangle style, double bands, removable cups, adjustable shoulder straps and back closure.

Pros and cons of wearing this type of swimwear:

  • If you like having sun-kissed skin then you won't have a problem wearing this bikini.
  • It would just feel like you're wearing a typical undergarment instead of another layer of clothing so the hot weather won't be such a bad enemy for you.
  • The wearer would be obliged to do some waxing down there so she would definitely have an excuse to do it and benefit from having proper hygiene.
  • They cannot double as a bodysuit or leotard so when the wearer would like to run a few errands while on vacation, she would be required to have a change of clothes in order to enter certain establishments. Unlike if they're wearing one piece swimsuits they could just put on some fashionable shorts or skirt and then they're good to go.
  • Typical problem of wearing a bikini is it might get detached while you're doing intense water sports.
  • Although the design is not that skimpy, it might not be a hit to conservative women.
★★★★☆ Floralkini Yellow Striped Tie Shoulder Bikini Confidence is always the key in wearing this kind of swimsuit, so if you have doubts, we highly suggest that you look for something that you are 100% sure that you could pull off. Nevertheless, we're giving this swimsuit a 4 out of 5 because of its playful pattern that you couldn't take your eyes off of.

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By the way, if you find these floralkini swimwear reviews riveting and helpful, please read our other reviews also next time! We would make sure to include all of the chic and stylish items on the catalogue so you won't miss out.

Keep in mind that there's a right kind of swimsuit for every body type and we are here to help you find it! To make it easier, we categorized the body types into five namely: apple-shaped body, pear-shaped body, hourglass body, inverted triangle body shape and rectangle body shape. Next, we're going to list which bikini styles and one-piece swimsuits are appropriate for each body figure.

A. Apple-shaped body figures

Apple-shaped body figures can pull off halter swimsuit tops, triangle swimsuit tops, bandini swimsuit tops, high waist swimsuit bottoms, side-tie swimsuit bottoms, and classic one-piece swimsuit.

B. Pear-shaped body

Pear-shaped body can manage to look amazing on bandeau swimsuit tops, one-shoulder swimsuit tops, triangle swimsuit tops, longline swimsuit tops, side-tie swimsuit bottoms, classic one-piece swimsuit, one-shoulder swimsuit, and bandeau one-piece swimsuits.

C. Hourglass body

Hourglass body can look great on halter swimsuit tops, triangle swimsuit tops, bandini swimsuit tops, high waist swimsuit bottoms, hipster swimsuit bottoms, side-tie swimsuit bottoms, classic one-piece swimsuit, and plunge neckline swimsuit.

D. Inverted triangle

Inverted triangle body shape can slay with triangle swimsuit tops, bandini swimsuit tops, hipster swimsuit bottoms, side-tie swimsuit bottoms, classic one-piece swimsuit, and skirted one piece swimsuit.

E. Rectangle body shape

Rectangle body shape can accommodate bandeau swimsuit tops, triangle swimsuit tops, longline swimsuit tops, hipster swimsuit bottoms, boyshorts swimsuit bottoms, side-tie swimsuit bottoms, classic one-piece swimsuit, and bandeau one-piece swimsuits.

Last Word

We won't stop until you feel empowered wearing the correct swimwear that fits your body and personality. For now, we hope you enjoy checking our top picks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you trust Floralkini reviews on the official website?
Floralkini is a young but fast growing women's bikini and fashion chain. Floralkini is dedicated to helping you find the perfect bikini set for every occasion.
How do Floralkini swimsuits compare in terms of durability and fabric quality?
Floralkini swimsuits are known for their stylish designs and variety. In terms of durability and fabric quality, they generally offer good longevity and comfort, with materials that withstand frequent use and chlorinated water, making them a reliable choice for regular swimmers.

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