Best tampons for swimming

It has happened to many of us that we plan a day at the pool or beach with our friends and just that day our period arrives. Well, we tell you that you should not worry about that and you can enjoy your day as if nothing were using tampons, which allows you to dive without any risk of causing spots in your bikini or bleeding in the water. So don't be embarrassed as we bring you the best tampons for swimming....
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Simple Tips for a Good Hygiene During The Swimsuit Season

Swimming season should never be a time when people have to worry about getting sick. However, illnesses are just as easy to get during the warmer part of the year as they are during the cold. Sharing lakes and swimming pools that could contain bacteria from other swimmers can pose a problem for everyone in the water....
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Should we use bikini during a health crisis?

Given the current health crisis that is invading the world, you should highly consider wearing a bikini to go to the beach, pool or complete your outfit. The a health crisis is a recently declared global alert, in which the spread of this germs and microbes is extremely fast and still has no cure. Some germs are easily spread between humans so you should consider wearing your perfect bikini during this health crisis....
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